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People for the Independent Republic of Lile's Journal

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31st December 2005

fabritiuslost5:30pm: Lile girls!!

I need your mailing addresses! Whether they are college, home, whatever...I really, really need them.

comment back with them or if you'd rather, my email address is ebnewh@wm.edu

26th September 2005

breezyt12:00am: i miss you
i went to the operation cease fire thing in DC this saturday.. and it was awsome mainly because i got to see EJ.
It's funny how you don't really realize how much you miss people until you see their smiling face.
EJ you have a wonderful smile.

i hope that everyone is well and that we get to see each other again sometime. and hopefully that sometime will be rather soonish.

25th September 2005

fabritiuslost3:01pm: I miss you all so much.

It just hit me today.

I walk into the common lounge here at W&M and so want that energy I felt in Lile.

I know that you shouldn't cling to the past, and I don't, but I just really remember how much it meant to me.

Hope that you're all very, very well.


8th August 2005

great_defender10:47pm: Back to School Shopping
I went back to school shopping today. I got some shirts, and running shoes that were originally 80 bucks for 40 bucks. I also got my homecoming dress on sale for 25 dollars. It's really pretty, a kind of pink and orange sheath/strapless thing. I also got shoes for 5 bucks, sparkly gold flats that remind me of the ones Anna L. wore at camp.
I love sales. I also think back to school shopping is a big fat exscuse for people who don't really need shit to go buy it. Like me, I didn't really need anything that I bought today except the running shoes. I'm kind of conflicted about this right now.

3rd August 2005

breezyt11:31pm: WOW!
WOW! I totally just figured out I could do this!! WOW! That's sooo cool!! WOW! I'm freakin out! INSANE!
alright YES I miss you guys. I was about to tell my sister about velvet goldmine when I thought to myself... hmm... is it a good idea to tell my sister I enjoy movies that involve man on man action? Might be awkward cause she still finds it awkward to watch a movie with me that involves even the smallest sex scene.
ha ha
i really do miss you guys. I guess I realized how much I missed you when I wanted to tell someone the main good thing and bad thing about my day and no one was that interested. ha ha ha


23rd July 2005

emhen9:05am: Oh, Lile. I miss you all muchly.

I woke up and immediately planned to write an angsty LJ entry because I missed you all so much, actually, but then I checked my email and I had like 4 Lile emails. So I'm just going to give you all a




♥ ♥ ♥

Also, comment here if you want a copy of the Songwriting Extravaganza. I can have them to you in a week or so!
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